First annual lawn bowling tournament fundraiser

Senate District 43 held its first annual lawn bowling tournament fundraiser in July 2022. The event, at Brookview in Golden Valley, attracted 56 participants on 14 teams. Much fun was had, and many dollars were raised to support DFLers throughout the state.

The winning teams were:

First place:

    • Andrea Wiley

    • Greg Wiley

    • Theresa Kiser, Crystal City Council

    • Randy Kiser

Second place:

  • Rep. Mike Freiberg, SD43B

  • Former Rep. Lyndon Carlson, SD45A (now 43A)

  • Rep. Cedric Frazier, SD43A

  • David Cummings, Crystal City Council

Third place:

  • Marcie Lapointe

  • Tim Roberg

  • Kristen Oney

  • Aaron Wager, candidate for Robbinsdale City Council

Get ready for the 2023 tournament!